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North Sails names 727 Sailbags as European upcycling partner

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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727 Sailbags collection Credits: 727 Sailbags

Sailing and performance clothing brand North Sails has appointed 727 Sailbags as its European sail upcycling partner to help minimise the environmental impact of the sailing community.

The partnership will see North Sails and 727 Sailbags providing a second life to old sails and diverting them from ending up in landfills.

Every year, 727 Sailbags transforms an estimated 50,000 square meters of 100 percent recycled sailcloth into handcrafted, high-quality bags, clothing, and home decorations.

Through the collaboration, North Sails will contribute approximately 10 percent of the raw materials used by 727 Sailbags annually, including 3Di composite, Dacron, nylon spinnakers, and intact laminates.

727 Sailbags collection Credits: 727 Sailbags

All sails accepted into the North Sails x 727 Sailbags will be traceable and all 727 Sailbags bags will come with a certificate of origin that traces the history of the recycled sailcloth, specifying the sail number and the number of products made from that sail.

In addition, North Sails adds that it will offer a financial contribution to a charity focused on raising awareness to protect oceans for all 727 Sailbags products created from a North Sails repurposing programme.

Nicolas Veto, co-owner of 727 Sailbags with Matthieu Bimbenet, said in a statement: "We've had the pleasure of working directly with several local North Sails lofts for some time and are delighted to take this cooperation to the next level with a brand we admire and a team we enjoy working with.

“This European partnership illustrates the values that drive both our companies to reduce our environmental impact and take care of the ocean while sharing the exciting stories of these sails."

Jono Macbeth, sustainability manager for North Sails, added: "The North Sails sustainability team is super excited to extend our highly successful sail repurposing programme into Europe with 727 Sailbags.

“Although a sail may have come to the end of its first life, partnerships like this and the skill of companies like 727 Sailbags give these highly durable fabrics a worthwhile second life.”

The North Sails has 18 loft locations across Europe accepting old sails.

727 Sailbags collection Credits: 727 Sailbags
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