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Olivier Sarkozy marries Mary-Kate Olsen


Olivier Sarkozy marries Mary-Kate Olsen


Dec 1, 2015

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy's half brother Olivier has married US fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen, her former on-air "dad" actor Bob Saget said Monday.

Sarkozy, 46, is managing director of The Carlyle Group's Global Financial Services unit. Olsen, 29, co-founded luxury fashion brand The Row with her twin sister Ashley in 2006. Its products are currently distributed in 37 countries.

The twins became famous through their roles in the television series "Full House," starting when they were less than a year old. They alternated playing the role of Michelle Tanner, daughter of Danny Tanner, played by Saget.

Saget confirmed the couple's nuptials, which took place Friday, when interviewed on NBC television's "Today" show. "I was not invited," he said of the wedding, but added: "I'm very happy. I did send a mazel tov text." (AFP)