OurSock.com has launched as an online custom sock company that caters to universities, prep schools and companies. The concept came about when Andrew Epprecht, a 2017 graduate of The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut, designed and manufactured custom socks for his alma mater to great success. This led to him launching OurSock.com

"In an age where 'brand promotion' is paramount, we see OurSock.com as a creative way for schools and companies to do just that," said Epprecht. "OurSock.com offers a service that allows institutions and companies a great way to incorporate their logos into an item that everyone uses on a daily basis."

OurSock.com pitches branded socks for schools as gifts or rewards to students and alumni as a simple and easy way to drum up school spirit.

"We know that young alumni are critical but challenging targets for schools to engage," said Epprecht. "Providing custom socks is an innovative way to differentiate outreach strategy to address this group. For non-profits, it's also a great way to retain and reward volunteers."

Early success with several east coast prep schools had OurSock.com looking to expand its reach, with Epprecht and his staff reaching out to potential customers and branching out to new industries like charities and hospitals. A redesigned website was launched to accommodate the expanded customer base.

Epprecht might only be 18, but he's no stranger to owning a business. He started his first business at just 15, a sock company called Noble Stitch.

Currently, the businessman is taking a gap year between high school and college to focus on growing his business. In 2018, Epprecht will be attending Duke University where he will be involved with the Melissa & Dougs entrepreneurship program. The program helps undergraduate entrepreneurs navigate the business landscape by pairing them with mentors and building their business skills.





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