What would we do without our smartphones? Over one billion will be purchased globally this year, according to the latest data from Euromonitor International. Small wonder, then, that many in the fashion industry are keen to grab a bigger piece of the “smart” action by developing their own […]

Fashion stars Stella McCartney and Donatella Versace this week will launch collections with two department stores in Brazil -- a country with consumers hungry for top brands despite an economic downturn. The daughter of the Beatles legend is launching her second collection, this time just for Brazil, […]

British designer John Galliano -- sacked three years ago by fashion house Dior over a drunken anti-Semitic rant in a Paris bar -- has lost his case for unfair dismissal, lawyers for both parties said on Tuesday. A Paris labour court rejected his claim and ordered him to pay a symbolic one euro each […]

US fashion retailers J.Crew and Abercrombie & Fitch have both been served lawsuits by former employees for failing to pay out overtime. Former J.Crew employee, Andrew Duberry, who worked for the fashion retailer between 2010 and 2012, claims that the company refused to adequately compensate him and […]

Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to put a pin in the upcoming launch of her new e-commerce fashion app Vigme, after a Manhattan Supreme Court Judged issued a temporary restraining order preventing her from “launching, promoting or marketing” their “virtual closet” app. The court […]

High street retailer Whistles has pulled a series of T-shirts which features pro-feminist slogans from its shelves, after an investigation from the Mail on Sunday claimed the 45 pound shirts were produced by women working in sweatshops in Mauritius and earning 62 pence per an hour. The T-shirts, bearing […]

A new report examining the use of wool in the 21st century as a key textile fibre has now been released by industry intelligence source ReportBuyer. The production of wool textiles plays an integral part in history even before fashion became a business some centuries ago. Surprisingly, wool makes up […]

On November 20th, Miami Fashion Network, LLC (MFN) will host their 1 year anniversary with a Kickoff to Art Basel event at the newly opened Vintro Hotel in South Beach. MFN will feature member designers and artists in front of over 150 exclusive guests from Miami’s creative and entrepreneurial community. […]

Sao Paulo\'s fashion week opened Monday with three dozen domestic designers parading exotic tunics and a generous hint of silk, before Stella McCartney and Donatella Versace unveil one-off collections for Brazilian consumers. Proceedings at the Candido Portinari exhibition park in Sao Paulo opened with […]

Iconic fashion label Biba and its founder, Barbara Hulanicki, are joining forces once again. The Polish-born 78 year old designer has signed a consultancy agreement with House of Fraser, which own the rights to the brand. The Sunday Times reports that Hulanicki, who founded Biba fifty years ago and […]




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