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Paris Fashion Week Men's: Charles Jeffrey Loverboy's ode to Scotland

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Loverboy AW24 Look 11 Credits: Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy premiered its AW24 collection with a film at Silencio des Prés for Paris Fashion Week Men's. The collection serves as an ode to Moshkirk, Scotland, and the rebellious spirits of a revived subculture that persists today.

The narrative, conveyed through scraps of paper signed by Magnus McPewitt, an 18-year-old from the lost Scottish village of Moshkirk, describes a peculiar event in 1979. A meteor's flash of light isolated Moshkirk from the world, leading its residents to pioneer fashions of that era, embracing punk, dancehall, disco, new wave, and post-punk.

The Loverboy collection for AW24 draws inspiration from this narrative, questioning whether creativity can emerge from trauma and adversity, offering a perspective on the weird, wonderful, hedonistic, and silly as a response to challenging times.

The Moshkirkians, cut off from the rest of society, found solace in the culture of 1979 as a way of life. The era marked Margaret Thatcher's rise to power, impacting northern towns and villages. Despite economic hardships, Moshkirk's adherence to the joyous elements of the late '70s reflects a resilience and recovery from the challenges of the time.

Loverboy, created by founder and designer Charles Jeffrey, has evolved from its origins in Charles's East London bedroom to become an international fashion label based in the catacombs of Somerset House, London. The brand, now in its eighth year, is available in over 90 stores globally, boasting a team of ten full-time staff.

Loverboy’s success lies in its ability to weave the magic of queerness into fashion dreamscapes, drawing from Scottish history and London's queer nightlife. Rooted in a radical sensibility, Loverboy is dedicated to inclusive fashion, championing wearability for everyone. In its current phase, the brand embraces themes of nature, the body, and queer wellness, aiming for innovative collaborations with artists in residence.

Charles Jeffrey