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PETA Eyeing Lawsuit Against Canada Goose

By Jackie Mallon

Feb 13, 2018


PETA’s Media Liaison Sofia Mobili says PETA is reaching out to consumers who believe that they were misled by Canada Goose's claims of using only "ethically sourced" products, as part of an investigation for a potential class-action lawsuit. It’s aim is to help hold the company accountable for profiting from animals' suffering while claiming that its fur-and-feather coats are “humane.”

Considering the sheer quantity of Canada Goose coats sold,as recently reported by FashionUnited, this could interest a large number of outerwear consumers. PETA has long conceived of ways to bring their message home, from protests outside Canada Goose retailers, to requesting that Canada Goose employees exercise their influence from within, to buying shares in the company so that they can push forward their animal cruelty-free agenda. In recent weeks, they have also purchased ads in the newspapers of top East Coast universities—such as Yale, Columbia, and New York University—as well as to viewers of Good Day New York, Modern Family, Page Six, and The Wendy Williams Show on WNYW. Their latest step is to appeal to consumers who have purchased from the company.

PETA urges Canada Goose consumers to contact them

“PETA is investigating potential claims related to certain representations made by Canada Goose,” says PETA’s Assistant Manager of Clothing Campaigns Christina Sewell, adding, “we encourage people who feel that they've been misled by the company's claims of "ethical" and "humane" sourcing to e-mail us." When asked by FashionUnited if customers who get in touch would be entitled to some sort of payout, she responds, “When individuals rely on and are financially affected by unlawful misrepresentations, they may have the right to seek compensation for their losses through a consumer protection lawsuit. The existence of compensation would depend on a positive outcome in any potential case, and the amount available would be contingent on many factors, including the premium paid for Canada Goose items and whether the lawsuit is brought by a single person or is a class action.”

Canada Goose maintains that its animals are not mistreated and its birds suffer no hunger, fear, distress, injury or physical discomfort in the manufacture of their best-selling down-filled, fur-trimmed parkas. However recent viral videos released by PETA taken inside a Canada Goose supplier appear to depict piles of geese crushing each other in giant crates before they are grabbed by the neck and hung upside down, their wings still flapping as their throats are slit. In another video, coyotes, left for days in steel traps are seen to be bludgeoned, stomped on and shot. We reached out to Canada Goose for their reaction to PETA’s threat of legal action but did not hear back by time of publication.

Fashion editor Jackie Mallon is an educator and author of Silk for the Feed Dogs, a novel set in the international fashion industry.

Photos PETA.org and FashionUnited.com