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Pinterest announces trend predictions for 2024

By Gabriella Onessimo


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Credits: Courtesy of Pinterest

As the latest trends seem to move a million miles per minute, Pinterest stays ahead of the curve—the lifestyle tech company just revealed its predictions for 2024 trends across beauty, fashion, and more.

Based on an analysis of various search algorithms generated by visitors on the platform, Pinterest’s near-500 million users provide insights on what is currently garnering mass interest, and what will soon be on the radar across multi-generational consumers prior to its rise.

And the platform has seldom been wrong. Among the highlighted trends forecasted for 2023 was the rise of ultra-femininity in fashion, which has since manifested itself in the whimsical bows, lacy motifs, and airy styles seen across the runways at fashion week and social media trends.

Fashion predictions

Bow stacking. Credits: Courtesy of Pinterest

This coming year, the feminine frenzy will continue on with “Bow Stacking”. Thanks to a 190 percent and 180 percent uptick in searches like “Bow outfit” and “Bow necklace”, 2024 will continue the love for the frilly detail—à la popular brands like Sandy Liang—but in unbridled maximalist fashion, adorning the accessory onto hair, shoes, bags, and overall looks.

On the side of masculine fashion, Pinterest noted the emergence of “Eclectic Grandpa” in 2024 chiefly among Gen Z and boomers, who will “embrace grandpacore and bring eccentric and expressive elements for the ages to their wardrobes,” per the report. Encompassing retro staples and layered cardigans in ‘70s-esque hues, this nostalgic style was increasingly explored by 130 percent.

An appreciation for all things vintage also makes its way into upcycling trends, showing a desire in consumers to get crafty and explore not just secondhand clothing, but second hand materials for themselves. Similar to the DIY fad of the 2010s, “Give a Scrap” looks to be the upcoming fashion project for boomers and Gen Xers alike. With searches like “zero waste sewing patterns” and “leftover fabric” both up 80 percent, consumers are gravitating toward habits that drive sustainability in their personal approach to fashion.

Hot metals. Credits: Courtesy of Pinterest

Between metal-toned jewellery and avant-garde fashion, metallic colours and creations are slated to be a highly sought-after material in 2024. “Metallics will make their way into the mainstream in 2024 as Gen Z and Millennials trade in their neutrals for something a bit more hardcore,” wrote Pinterest in the report. Popular pursuits like “metal corset” and “silver necklaces layered” indicate growing interest in metal hardware, but the textured shades are also being explored in aluminium furniture and metallic nail art.

The “Make it Big” trend also further bolsters the growth of metals, as shoppers are looking toward bolder, chunkier silhouettes in accessories and hairstyles alike, suggested by the prevalence of inquiries like “chunky hoops” and “sculptural jewellery”.

Beauty predictions

Blue Beauty. Credits: Courtesy of Pinterest

Alongside fashion, beauty is another popular category that netizens often use Pinterest to help shape their rituals, find products to shop, and discover new looks to emulate. As an extension of the surge in “self-care” in beauty and lifestyle products, “Head to Glow” is projected to dominate public interest as people move away from elaborate skincare routines and instead start investing more into bodycare. “Boomers and Gen Z will double down on luxury lotions and in-home spa experiences,” described the report, as the term “bodycare” itself was up by 845 percent and “body skin care routine” rose up to 1,025 percent.

“Aquamarine makeup is back and bolder than ever,” states Pinterest, as blue hues evocative of the ‘60s will potentially dominate beauty in 2024. Gen Z and millennials are the main drivers of this vintage-inspired trend, bolstered by their continued fascination with aesthetics of the past. Searches like “Aqua makeup look” and “Light blue prom makeup” skyrocketed up to 100 and 70 percent, respectively.