New Zealand-born fashion designer Rebecca Taylor recently launched a new casual collection for her ready-to-wear line. Expanding the realms for her clothing, Taylor introduced the new line as a more lifestyle line for fall entitled La Vie Rebecca Taylor.

The reason for the new clothing category expansion was due to the fact that Taylor felt her line was limited to a certain audience. Typically, Rebecca Taylor is worn for more upscale, dressy events. “So many friends of mine will wear Rebecca Taylor to work or a cocktail party, but they were telling they weren’t wearing it on the weekend,” Taylor, designer and owner of her eponymous fashion company, told WWD.

In an attempt to fill the void for that need in her line, Taylor brought in the new collection featuring feminine, intricate shapes and designs. The collection includes three versions of denim bottoms, knit tops, outerwear, dresses, and more. The line emphasizes casual, stylish fashion reflecting lifestyle wear. “These are clothes we live in,” Taylor told the publication. The clothing currently wholesales for 55 to 200 dollars. Denim prices range up to 103 dollars while jackets can cost up to 200 dollars. The new collection is currently available retailing next to the main collection. The collection is also available through the brand’s e-commerce site as well as Shopbop.





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