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Reebok collaborates with Melody Ehsani to celebrate 25th anniversary


By Sara Ehlers

Apr 27, 2015

Los Angeles based designer Melody Ehsani teamed up with Reebok Classic for a collaboration on the iconic sneaker line.

The designs include a street-style influence with lavish materials include python leather. Ehsani’s trademark “eye” design also is captivating for the hip design. The shoe includes an interior wedge heel, adding a feminine element to the shoes. The collection takes shoe designs to a new level in its intricacies from the embroidery on the heels of the shoe to the golden detailing on the “eye” pendants. The comfortable shoes are aimed to creatively express Ehsani’s vision. The collection ranges in price from 120 to 200 dollars.

The shoes will be available at her store in Los Angeles at 424 ½ N. Fairfax Avenue. The collection went live on April 24th on the store’s website and will be available in retailers globally starting May 1st.

Reebok celebrates 25th anniversary with new collaborations

In celebrating Reebok’s classic sneaker 25th birthday this year, the company has decided to collaborate with 25 partners including boutiques, designers, shops, and more. One of Reebok’s most recently collaborations was with Kendrick Lamar adding the Day Glo pack of traditional Ventilator shoes. “At Reebok, we seek to inspire people to be the best version of themselves--physically, mentally, and socially, and Kendrick lives and breathes this message,” said Todd Krinsky, vice president of Reebok Classics. The shoes are available in four neon colors: blue, yellow, pink, and orange.

Throughout the year, the company continues to move forward with their collaborations and revamping of their traditional silhouettes.