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Revolve Group launches new in-house luxury footwear brand

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: A’mmonde Atelier
Global fashion retailer Revolve Group has launched a new in-house everyday luxury footwear brand called A’mmonde Atelier.

The footwear label is an extension of the company's owned brand portfolio, which produces more than 20 brands under an in-house design team, and will be available on both Revolve and Fwrd.

A’mmonde Atelier is derived from the French phrase “monde à la mode,” meaning “a fashionable world,” and marries nostalgic references from vintage films, music videos, and shapes from nature with expert craftsmanship. With all shoes handcrafted by skilled artisans between Tuscany and Brazil.

This artistic approach to design is highlighted in the label’s A’mmonde Atelier’s signature shell-shaped ‘Anastassia’ heel, inspired by the rococo era that resurged in the 90s dance club scene.

Image: A’mmonde Atelier

The debut collection will launch with 16 styles, including an ankle strap sandal with 5 strands that can be wrapped in a multitude of ways, while the ‘Alessandra’ and ‘Allegra’ sandals with wood-wrapped heels are light, and packable for summer travel.

A’mmonde Atelier has also been designed to offer stylish shoes at a price point tailored for both Revolve and Fwrd customers. Prices range from 268-428 US dollars in sizes US 5.5 to 9.5.

Image: A’mmonde Atelier
Image: A’mmonde Atelier
Image: A’mmonde Atelier
A’mmonde Atelier
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