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Seoul Fashion Week cancelled because of coronavirus

By Kristopher Fraser


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After Giorgio Armani cancelled his Milan Fashion Week show due to the threat of coronavirus, Seoul Fashion Week has cancelled itself all together. The news was reported by Business of Fashion. Seoul Fashion Week, which was scheduled to run from March 17 to 21, but has been called off after a surge in cases of coronavirus this past weekend in South Korea. Seoul currently has the second largest number of outbreaks after Mainland China counting over 1000 infections.

The Korea Herald reported that 175 buyers were invited to last season of Seoul Fashion Week, of which 30 were from outside of South Korea. Shanghai Fashion Week and Beijing Fashion Week have also been postponed.

The effects of coronavirus are ravishing the bottom lines of fashion brands ranging from fast-fashion to luxury goods. Hermès just recently reopened four of their 43 stores in Mainland China, although demand remains weak. It's going to be a long uphill battle for fashion as countries work to contain coronavirus outbreaks.

Seoul Fashion Week