A dissatisfied customer believes to have found part of a human bone in a new pair of socks purchased at a Primark store in Colchester, UK. While the socks had been purchased on December 10, the discovery was not reported until January 2.

"The bone does not appear to be a result of recent trauma and had no skin or other particles surrounding it," Essex Police said in a statement. Police are investigating the discovery, with Primark’s compliance.

The fashion company released an apology stating, “Primark sincerely apologizes to the customer who found the item for any distress caused. Primark clearly takes this matter very seriously and has already carried out an investigation at our supplier's factory where the socks were made.”

The company, who has had past allegations of shoppers finding distress notes from factory workers sewn into garments, added that there is no evidence that the human bone discovery is linked to an incident that took place in the factory.

Primark reminded that the two incidents of distress notes had been determined to be hoaxes and that it believes the bone discovery was placed inside the someone outside of its factory. It added in the statement, “No evidence of any kind exists to suggest that any incident has occurred in the factory, so it is highly probable that this object was placed in the socks by an individual for unknown reasons.”





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