Spring Summer 2020 Paris Material Show Overview

Trendstop brings FashionUnited readers a first look at the latest trend directions from the leading Spring Summer 2020 materials events in Paris.

The Trendstop materials team give FashionUnited readers an exclusive insight into the key trends from the Paris editions of Premiere Vision, Texworld and Interfiliere. Eco-responsibility was high on the agenda at all three expos. At Interfiliere, the dedicated The Exception area showcased a host of green materials and their raw state fibres as well as inspiring conceptual designs and practical applications. At Premiere Vision, the leather trends section highlighted the strides tanners are making in reducing environmental impact with displays of chrome-free skins, fully traceable sourcing and elevated ethical standards. A growing selection of eco fibres and ethical mills was on display at Texworld, showcasing an array of material options from jersey, denim and cotton to performance and faux leather. Our comprehensive material show coverage and accompanying galleries evaluate each trend's commercial value and longevity, giving you the best possible basis for your decision making.

This week Trendstop present three key trends from across the SS20 Paris material shows. Core fibres and material compositions are elevated across the board with the introduction of performance qualities as seen in Enhanced Tech and bi-stretch comfort in Dynamic Movement. Rustic Luxury explores the evolution of natural fibres into the luxury arena.

Enhanced Tech

Technical properties are integrated into a range of core materials, from climatic cotton jerseys to tech-enhanced linens. Ultra-light-weight handles are high-resistance with a powdered or subtly reflective sheen finish that updates the glossy coatings of previous seasons and offers a premium, natural silk aesthetic.

Spring Summer 2020 Paris Material Show Overview

Images courtesy of Trendstop, left to right: Plus Textile, Toray Nantong, Sofileta, all Spring Summer 2020.

Dynamic Movement

Stretch properties enhance fabrics across all categories for both heavy and lightweight blends. Bi-stretch qualities infuse technical materials for maximum comfort while leathers have increased flexibility. Jerseys are increasingly fluid with luxe sheen finishes that highlight flowing, drapey handles.

Spring Summer 2020 Paris Material Show Overview

Images courtesy of Trendstop, left to right: Jinno International, Penn Textile Solutions, Lirik, all Spring Summer 2020.

Rustic Luxury

Traditional rustic fabrications are elevated with softer handles and more refined finishes. Matte and gently sanded surfaces add subtle textural definition to crepes and seersuckers while luxurious threads and fibres enhance natural linens.

Spring Summer 2020 Paris Material Show Overview

Images courtesy of Trendstop, left to right: Quality Textile, Camin, Nu Company, all Spring Summer 2020.

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Spring Summer 2020 Paris Material Show Overview

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