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Steve Aoki debuts album and next season of Dim Mak

By Kristopher Fraser

Jul 20, 2017


There's no party like a Steve Aoki party, because a Steve Aoki party doesn't stop. Aoki, a house musician and DJ, who is better known to the fashion industry as the designer behind Dim Mak, shut down 4th Street between Broadway and Lafayette in New York City so he could not only stage his runway show, but also debut his new album Kolony.

With the help of Build Series, Aoki sent a series of hip-hop inspired, contemporary looks down the runway that were worthy of the music video he was filming accompanied by him DJing. The show began with a marching band opening the show, and then Aoki doing his first DJ set from his new album.

The collection was then debuted playing on the themes of dystopian paradise. Aoki wanted to respond to the world we live in now, which he feels is riddled in mayhem, by doing jackets, hoodies and t-shirts that sent a message whether through their design or styling, or being literally spelled out.

Steve Aoki debuts Kolony and spring/summer 2018 collection for Dim Mak

Some pieces read "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave" on the back. Other pieces, like hoodies, said "Paradise Dim Mak" on them, as they were styled with overalls only buttoned on one side, looking like an outfit for dystopian survival. The utilitarian meets contemporary music video was an angle about the world we live in.

Everyone is evolving to dress more laid back and casual, meanwhile the world is in disarray. It was fashion that is a reflection of the times in seemingly the most subtle and in some instances literally spelled out ways.

After the fashion show ended, Aoki performed the rest of the album, and closed out the show with a final song, throwing six cakes at random audience members and throwing money at audience members by the stage. It was a see it to believe it situation, but he knows how to throw the type of party to rival all fashion parties.

photos: courtesy of Williamson PR