After various collaborations this past year, Japan-based brand Suicoke has decided to expand its brand presence. In continuing its growth, the ready-to-wear label stated in an email innovation that it will be participating in Slam Jam in Paris for the upcoming season.

The label will show off its Fall/Winter 2018 sales campaign this month. Located at Rue De Turenne 118 by appointment only, Suicoke will be participating alongside other labels including Aries, Stussy, United Standard, Oakley by Samuel Ross, Society, Napa, and more. Paris Fashion Week for this year begins Tuesday, February 27 and lasts for a week. The Slam Jam show takes place a month before in Paris.

Established in 2006, Suicoke has been known for its edgy collections including innovative materials and a monochromatic palette. The brand has partnered in the past with Palm Angles, John Elliot, Stussy, Highsnobiety and more. By participating in the Paris fashion event, Suicoke may be moving its way to more exposure in the Europe market.





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