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The demand for looser fit jeans highlights new denim cycle

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Image: Levi's

Looser fit jeans are heralding a new denim trend cycle, as skinny jeans are no longer the coolest cut.

Levi’s, the world’s largest denim manufacturer, confirmed on an earnings call last week the company was optimistic about the denim category and that Levi’s is in “the early innings of a new denim cycle,” described as “looser, baggier fits” for both men and women — versus the prior skinny jean cycle that appealed to only half its customer base.

Skinny jeans long outlived the average trend cycle, lasting well over a decade. GQ was one of the earliest fashion voices in 2015 to declare its unlikely death, however the sentiment came too early, and it took until the late 2010’s to finally see a the tide turn in denim tastes and shapes.

For the pre-fall and fall 2022/23 collections, designers continue to favour comfort over tighter fits, with roomy wide leg cuts taking precedence, perhaps because loungewear remains popular and working from home looks set to stay. With the 90s-inspired grunge trend sticking around for another season, skinny fits are replaced by straight legs and wider fits, with rips and tears optional.