The top 3 holiday gift trends consumers are shopping

New York - With Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend having passed, the holiday shopping season is well under way. Consumers across markets are well-versed in finding the best holiday deals for the season and have started their shopping in full force. This year is projected to be a strong holiday shopping season for retailers, with sales projected to surpass the trillion dollar mark in the United States for the first time. Retail insights firm Edited has gathered data across markets to determine just what gifts consumers are shopping.

Wrap dresses

In the U.S., classic fashion trends reign supreme. American shoppers are looking for a classic, seasonless staple this year-- the wrap dress.

Products in the category have almost doubled since last year; there are 727 product options in the style this year. Most retailers that carry wrap dresses offer items priced between 48 and 80 dollars, with the 70 dollar price point marking the sweet spot. Shoppers are looking for a fair mix of solid and patterned styles. The top seller in solid styles are black wrap dresses, and floral patterns top the list in patterns.

The scrunchie

Conversely, shoppers in the U.K. are all about current trends. The uprising in 90s nostalgia in recent runway collections and retail trends have resulted in an 88 percent uplift in retailers carrying the quintessential 90s accessory, the scrunchie.

Edited advises that retailers in the U.K. should be stocking a wide assortment of scrunchies. It noted that both multi-packs of assorted scrunchies and single items should be stocked. British consumers are looking for sequins and glitter in their scrunchie accessories in the lead up to Christmas.

Cozy hygge

And quite the opposite, European shoppers are all about comfort and minimalism this holiday season. Following the growth of hygge in trends, consumers across Europe are looking for cozy knitwear that promotes the minimalist lifestyle notion.

Compared to last year, fleece styles are more popular, particularly pull-over items as opposed to zip-ups. Black, white and red are the key colors of this trend. Edited noted that last year, December was a pivotal month for knit and expects performances to have similar results this season.

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