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Thomas Sabo to launch new collection next month

By Sara Ehlers


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Thomas Sabo lifestyle brand just announced a new collection launch focused on charm jewelry. The campaign infuses both high fashion looks with an emphasis on accessories for SS18.

The new collection will include various charms suited for a layering style. The collection consists of large charms, single earrings, and a vintage aesthetic. "Combine things that are close to your heart and transcend borders - Generation Charm Club stands for the new, casual attitude towards personalising and styling favourite pieces, lucky charms and vintage symbols", Susanne Kölbli, Thomas Sabo creative director, said in a statement.

One of the brand's stand out designs includes the "Vintage Rebel" category of the jewelry collection, which has iconic features true to the Thomas Sabo brand. This is one way the brand is appealing to "all target groups," according to a press release from the company.

The collection is set to launch next month on February 16. The Generation Charm Club Collection will be available at all Thomas Sabo locations as well as through its online site.

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