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Top Fashion Influencer: Holly Jai

By FashionUnited



Credit: Courtesy of Holly Jai

Holly Jai is a TikTok personality and content creator, who primarily focuses on fashion and beauty. Originally from the United Kingdom, she has been able to build a fan base of more than 134K followers on Instagram, and 250K on TikTok.

Holly has an angelic, gracious aesthetic about her. When looking at her Instagram, her style can be best described as minimalistic. Holly’s outfits are a curated collection of utterly versatile, clean staples that can easily be mixed and matched to create super-sleek everyday ensembles. To put it simply, her looks are all about neutral colors, clean lines, and just the right amount of accessories.

Thus, you can mostly see her wearing tones, such as beige, gray, black, brown, and white. Nevertheless, she sometimes steps out in bright hues, especially during summer. The young woman is a sucker for feminine, girly pieces such as a hair bow, flower dress, and co-ord sets. However, she also likes to go for streetwear clothes, such as cargo pants and dad jeans, paired with chunky sneakers and futuristic glasses.

One of the newest aesthetics is the "clean girl" aesthetic, which puts more of an emphasis on beauty than fashion, characterized by gold jewelry, glossy lips, and slicked-back hair. Full, flushed cheeks and a sun-kissed glow is Holly's go-to make up look. Besides her eye-catching ensembles and subtle make-up, she is also known for her luscious, voluminous hair. The fashionista likes to adapt her hair accordingly to every outfit, and knows how to do it perfectly. From a slicked back ponytail, to beach waves or french braid; she can pull it off.

On her socials, she provides her audience with fashion inspiration, such as Christmas, Halloween or Summer outfits, make-up regimes, night routines, and much more. So if you are looking for that minimalist, "clean girl" aesthetic, Holly is the right person to follow.

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