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Top Fashion Influencer: WearingAlix

By FashionUnited

Jun 22, 2022


Credit: Courtesy of WearingAlix

Alix (She/They) is a queer non-binary New York City fashion influencer, making a name for themselves majorly under their online name Wearingalix. They’re mostly active on Instagram and TikTok, revolutionising the style behind what’s often referred to as business casual.

At first glance, the bright and bold colours are the thing that stand out most. Alix combines extravagant clothes with different patterns in a remarkable way. All of her outfits are well tied together with the means of styling and accessories, so that the final outfit stands out in a really positive way.

If this year, you want to dress bolder for in-and outside of the office, Alix is most certainly the inspiration you were looking for.

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