Twix, the candy bar brand owned by Mars Corporation, is celebrating the launch of its Cookies & Cream version by dipping its toes into sneakerhead culture. The brand has partnered with The Shoe Surgeon, the Los Angeles-based collective making custom shoes, to create a pair of sneakers inspired by the release.

The shoe will feature an outer layer of corduroy fabric mimicking the candy bar’s bright blue wrapper. This layer can be cut or torn away to reveal the design beneath, which combines white leather (representing the candy bar’s cream center) and black and white stingray leather, channelling the crunchy cookie bits inside the cream. The sneakers will also feature golden accents to represent Twix’s traditional wrapper.

Commenting on the decision to launch shoes to mark the launch of the new product, Twix’s Brand Director Mars Wrigley wrote in a statement: “our sneaker collaboration brings our new flavor to life in a fresh, unexpected way”.

Only 100 pairs have been produced, and they will not be for sale. Instead, they will be given away at in-store and online drop events in February. Emulating streetwear brands such as Supreme and Off-White, Twix will only disclose details about the drops just before they happen, so those interested in owning a pair of Twix sneakers will have to stay tuned to the brand’s social media channels.





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