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Urban Outfitters partners with Isko Denim

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Isko; BDG x Isko collection

BDG, the in-house denim label by Urban Outfitters, is partnering with denim mill Isko on a 10-piece collection of workwear-inspired unisex denim pieces with finishing designs by British artist Dwayne Coleman.

The BDG (By Urban Outfitters) and Isko Denim collection has been developed using more sustainable denim pieces, utilising recycled cotton yarns made from cutting waste and no virgin cotton. Each piece has also been washed with Isko’s innovative technology to reduce the chemical, water, and energy footprint so that each item has a low environmental impact score.

The collaboration aims to showcase circular design, as well as minimal wash processing and recycled cotton content, they also feature minimal metal trims and removable shank buttons to make future recycling easier.

Image: Isko; BDG x Isko collection

Commenting on the collaboration, Cherie Nelson, senior head of buying and wholesale at Urban Outfitters, said in a statement: “This was an exciting opportunity we were keen to explore. Isko is the leading denim mill and has new technologies that allow us to delve into sustainability even further for our denim ranges.

“The collection is elevated and thoughtfully designed. We are hugely excited to release this new BDG range in collaboration with Isko.”

Isko head of product development Melissa Clement added: "At Isko, we consider ourselves the denim scientists, which is why we are proud to work alongside and share our knowledge with Urban Outfitters as they progress with their sustainability goals.

"We hold a shared core value and goal in creating denim garments and collections that remain desirable to shoppers without having to compromise on design, style, quality or lifespan of the garment, whilst also protecting our environment and planet. We look forward to seeing this collection launch and to our continued relationship with Urban Outfitters."

The BDG x Isko collection launches on urbanoutfitters.com and in key stores across the UK and Europe from July 10.

Image: Isko; BDG x Isko collection
Image: Isko; BDG x Isko collection
Image: Isko; BDG x Isko collection
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