Iconic footwear brand Vans just announced its top 50 semi-finalists for its annual custom competition. The shoe brand puts on a Vans Custom Culture art competition every year for high school students to have a chance to help support their art program financially.

For this year's competition, there are 500 qualifying schools that will participate by having their students design two pairs of blank Vans shoes. The theme for this year's competition will be "Local Flavor" and "Off The Wall." "This year's top 50 designs offer a snapshot into the passion for design that is found in arts education programs around the country and harnesses a visual expression of the creativity that comes from our youth," Megan Klempa, custom culture program manager, said in a statement. "Vans Custom Culture reinforces our commitment to fueling the next generation's creative minds and opens pathways for brighter and more colorful futures."

The students must also submit an Impact Document which will tell how their school, class, and community would benefit from the 75,000 dollars grand prize for the art program. The voting for the top five finalists is open to the public currently. The grand winner will also receive a visit from Vans on their school campus along with the arts education funding.





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