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Versace and J-Lo set Instagram, and Google, alight with jungle print dress

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

Sep 22, 2019

Celebrities and fashion shows are near symbiotic. The front row seats are ubiquitously filled with leading actresses, starlets, fashion muses, influencers and other familiar faces, some paid, some not, to support brands and their creative directors, but mostly to lend premise to a worthy Instagram feed.

So when one attends a Versace show at the brand's Milanese headquarters, you can bet your breakfast brioche that famous people will be all over the catwalk and in the audience. Less expected, perhaps, is when that celebrity is Jennifer Lopez, leading the finale in a gown she made famous 20 years ago.

Clad in the iconic jungle-print dress with plunging cleavage dangerously below navel level, Lopez sent Instagram alight at Versace's SS20 show, much in the same way she did when she originally wore the dress to the Grammy Awards in February 2000.

Great design doesn't have an expiration date

And why shouldn't a dress that was featured on the SS2000 catwalk be celebrated again twenty years later? In the age of sustainability, considered design doesn't have to have an expiration date.

The jungle print is the perfect example of a designer revisiting its illustrious archives. Versace applied it in novel and relevant ways, including a printed pantsuit, dresses that were draped and knotted and a hooded macintosh for the outerwear extrovert.

20 years ago the dress caused a global stir. Particularly poignant is when it was searched for on then budding platform Google the tech giant couldn't handle the traffic. Cue the birth of Google Images. Donatella Versace, at a press conference before her show said: "Technology is at the center of our lives today, but 20 years ago its wasn't. I'm proud that we inspired Google Images."

It is also worth noting that in the year 2000 there was no Instagram. Fashion wasn't as instant as it is now, and those special moments on the catwalk were often looked on as rare and magic in comparison to how formulaic fashion weeks have become. But Versace made that magic happen again, even if it took only 5 minutes before it became a trending topic on Instagram.

Photo: Versace SS20, Catwalkpictures.com