It’s been over twenty years since the death of Notorious B.I.G but the rapper’s mark on the fashion world lives on in Versace’s latest line of sunglasses.

The archived piece has been put back on shelves and will be available for the next month through Barneys stores and and cost 295 dollars.

The item features an updated frame but retain the same gold medusa design once born by the hip-hop star, born Christopher Wallace.

Wallace famously wore his signature eyewear to press events and in the music video for his song Hypnotize, in which he makes reference to his appreciation for Versace.

He was known to be a close friend of Donatella Versace, who once noted his hand in bringing attention to the luxury brand.

"I think Biggie was amazing. He came to my shows in Paris many times, and we'd see each other often," she shared in an interview with Fader in 2011. "He always used to talk so nicely about my family. I think he was so smart, so intelligent. He had such a mind. So I loved what he was doing and how he was giving people a way to know about Versace... I do think a lot of people started to know about Versace because of him."

Wallace died in Los Angeles in 1997, at the age of 24, after he was shot by an unknown assailant.





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