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Vilebrequin collaborates with LA artist Alex Israel


Vilebrequin collaborates with LA artist Alex Israel

By Sara Ehlers

Oct 13, 2016

Los Angeles - Menswear swim brand Vilebrequin recently unveiled a new collaboration with an artist from the West Coast. Teaming with Los Angeles-based creative Alex Israel, Vilebrequin has launched a new print for his swimwear for the upcoming holiday season.

The French brand, founded by Fred Prysquel, was born as a line inspired by a Saint Tropez lifestyle. Inspired by sailing, the swimwear line is known for its color palette and motifs of its initial 70’s designed and reimagined throughout the years. In pairing with artist Alex Israel, the heritage brand mixed in some of the artist’s work. He had created an animated wave that was part of a dream sequence for his upcoming feature SPF-18, which then caused Vilebrequin to reach out, as reported by WWD.

The collaboration serves as the brand’s first, besides pairing with Freeway Eyewear for an accessories line. The new print includes a colorful, vibrant palette as boardshorts. Mixing in aesthetics of Los Angeles and the West Coast, the shorts are able to provide a fun, bold take on swimwear. The shorts will be available in 18 of Vilebrequin’s U.S. stores this upcoming month, according to WWD. For other countries, the shorts will be available internationally starting February 2017.