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Widows, saints and hats: Berlin's street style trends for SS24

By Ole Spötter


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SS24 Streetstyle in Berlin Credits: Caroline Kynast for BFW

Berlin is known for its wild techno parties and free expression. Gender norms and dapper looks don't play the leading role in the German (fashion) capital, and yet the fashion week attendees seemed to be following a spiritual path right now.

For the summer edition of the fashion event, the Berliners have dressed up properly - of course still in the city's typical style. In the process, the priests raised their hats to the widows, who celebrated the sacred festival of fashion together.

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Hats off!

While the visitors of the other European fashion shows and fairs were planted on the Wild West look with matching cowboy hats, the Berliners were hat individualists. There, every hat was different with its very own appearance.

Only the men seemed to have agreed on a matching look with vertical stripes, but even here the styles diverged. In the end, however, it was more classic pieces like shirts and blouses that were combined with the hats. In some cases, the headgear was even reminiscent of 'Sunday Best' outfits for church - but also wide, casual silhouettes could be seen.

Hat wearers at Berlin Fashion Week. Credit: Ben Mönks (left, centre right and right) and Caroline Kynast for BFW

Holy fashion

Among the fashion pilgrims, it was just church-goers that could be discovered. Some, with their mostly wide robes, seemed to be directly inspired by church officials.


The pieces were mostly black and white. The wearers play with the silhouette, which could be wide, but also straight. Headpieces and chains reminiscent of rosaries completed the look.

The saints of Berlin street style Photos: Ben Mönks (both left) Caroline Kynast (both right) for BFW

Gothic widows

From the church, attendees went directly to the crypt of Namilia, as the fans of the Berlin label showed up in a gothic aesthetic. Dark tulle veils framed and covered the faces, while other parts remained exposed - akin to the looks the brand simultaneously exhibited on the runway. Compared to the loose veil, the rest of the outfit was mostly body-hugging and tight-fitting. Large dark sunglasses and cross necklaces completed the widow attire.

Visitors to Namilia's SS24 show in Berlin Credits: Caroline Kynast for BFW

Summer breeze

In contrast to the gloomy mood, however, there were also some loose, casual looks that made it clear that summer had arrived in the German capital. Coarse-mesh shirts and tops, as well as sleeveless pieces, tanks and crop tops were particularly popular. Even neon colours and radiant tones played a role here.

Mesh shirts – street style trend in Berlin Pictures: Ben Mönks (left and right) and Deadhype (middle) for BFW
Sleeveless tops - street style trend in Berlin Credits: Caroline Kynast (left and middle) and Ben Mönks (right)

This article originally appeared on FashionUnited.DE. Translation and edit by: Rachel Douglass.

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