Seventeen new participants have joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign project. Intended to change the industry standard for jeans production to reduce waste and pollution, Jeans Redesign is composed of denim experts and companies committed to the cause.

Banana Republic, Wrangler, Balzac Paris, Icicle, Organic Basics, Seventy + Mochi, Triarchy and Unspun have just signed onto the project, along with nine fabric mills, laundries and garment manufacturers. These new signatories join more than 50 other organizations that have already committed to the cause.

Participating brands work together to transform production in line with guidelines for a circular economy. The goal of the Jeans Redesign project is to create denim in a way that increases the longevity of a pair of jeans, allows denim to be recycled and promotes production that is safe for both the environment and garment workers.





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