London - Independent boutique platform Farfetch has added to its board with former international director Jon Kamaluddin named as a non-executive director and appointed as chairman of its audit committee.

In addition, Farfetch also appointed non-executive director Dana Evan as chairman of the remuneration committee, while Danny Rimer joins as investor director, replacing Robin Klein who left Index Partners in May 2015. Index Partners is one of the investors in Farfetch.

Commenting on the news, Farfetch founder and chief executive José Neves, said: “We are delighted to have these phenomenal additions to our board of investor directors. Danny has been on the journey with us as an investor and has a wealth of experience working with other ecommerce companies.

“Jon has been a big part of one of the world’s most successful online fashion businesses at Asos, and Dana brings the US exposure and knowledge we need as a global business which has the US as its main market.”

Rimer added: “After leading the initial round of funding for Index Ventures and having seen Farfetch grow, I am very pleased to be back on the board to work directly with Jose and the team to set the company up for future growth.”

The board of is comprised of José Neves; Frédéric Court, executive director appointed by Advent Partners; Danny Rimer, executive director appointed by Index Ventures; Moritz von Laffert, executive director appointed by Condé Nast International; and Mike Risman, executive director appointed by Vitruvian Partners.





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