Jeremy Meeks lands 15 million US dollar fashion deal

Jeremy Meeks, who became known as the ‘hot felon’ after his police mug shot went viral and led to numerous modelling gigs, has landed a 15 million US dollar “mega-deal” with Germany-based fashion company Fashion Concept GmbH.

The deal with the international fashion distributor is to develop his own clothing collection, which the German company is stating will be a high-end fashion label featuring garments of “high quality, style, comfort and elegance” with the plan to launch as early as 2020.

However, Meeks, who has often appeared on the catwalk in the past with German fashion designer Philip Plein, stated on his own Instagram that the Jeremy Meeks Fashion label would be coming in December 2019, alongside a video showcasing T-shirts, sweatpants and metal dog tag accessories.

Jeremy Meeks lands 15 million US dollar fashion deal

In a statement, Fashion Concept said that it “wishes to open up new perspectives” with its collaboration with Meeks as part of its plan to “press ahead with the change in the fashion industry,” while also offering Meeks the chance to “greater publicity” and to reach a “wider audience”.

‘Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks to launch fashion label; Fashion Concept GmbH in the market to buy two “top textile brands”

Fashion Concept GmbH’s main area of trade is textile, it has its own subsidiary in Turkey that manages the production of goods, avoiding any “middleman” production, and this business approach of facilitating quick turnover of goods, has led to international growth of almost 300 percent in its sales in the last two years, the company added.

Alongside the fashion deal with Meeks, Fashion Concept GmbH also claims to be in the market to buy two “top textile brands” in 2020, which it states will allow it to expand its product range and allow the group to “exert a direct impact on prices”.

The group works with numerous online sales partners making it possible to use recommend marketing channels for its products. In addition, the company does not rely on bank loans, but instead uses subordinated loans and silent partnerships. Individuals can lend money to the company and receive interest, which currently stands at 4 percent.

Images: courtesy of Fashion Concept GmbH





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