Online shopping destination Touch of Modern has named a new executive position for the company. For the menswear company, Egon Smola has been appointed to both president and chief operating officer.

Smola will be reporting to chief executive officer and co-founder Jerry Hum. In his new position, he will be responsible for day-to-day operations at the company. He will help develop and promote company culture. He will also work with Hum directly to help strategize for the business as well as explore more partnership and fundraising opportunities. "Touch of Modern is at a stage in our growth – which continues at a rate of 150 percent year-over-year since our start in 2012 – when it makes sense to bring in an established, proven operator with the diverse experience to steer us down any of the many promising growth paths we could take next," explains Touch of Modern CEO and Co-founder Jerry Hum.

In the past, he has worked with various start-ups and Fortune 500 company. He worked with GetInsured as well as at online automotive company Dealix. He worked previously with Yahoo to help the company’s global online dating subscription business. With mass experience in the digital realm, he can help propel Touch of Modern into the next stage of its business. “With such a plethora of growth opportunities available to make Touch of Modern the primary way to shop for a male demographic in a mobile environment, the challenge will be in determining which of many possible paths to follow," Smola said in a statement.





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