Wood Underwear just recently added a new hire to their team. The men’s underwear brand hired Michael Topliss as head of global sales for the company.

As the new global head, Topliss will be in charge of overseeing sales, product development, and merchandising. As the emerging company continues to grow and expand, Topliss will head marketing and expanding brand sales. “Wood is building a strong brand DNA that embraces its uniqueness and also has wide appeal to a variety of consumers,” Topliss told Apparel News. “I am excited to contribute to the company's continued growth.”

Topliss has previous experience in management roles. Previously he was head of North American sales for Pull-in, a French men’s clothing brand. With his work experience, it’s clear that he can bring a fresh perspective for Wood Underwear. The company has only been around since 2012 and claims it’s the male version of Victoria’s Secret. With a new global head of sales, it’s presumable that the company has intentions of growing and expanding further.





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