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Content marketing and AI in the fashion industry

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Credits: Wires Uncrossed

A new episode of Wires Uncrossed has been released, discussing digital content as well as artificial intelligence within the fashion industry in more detail. During this months episode, Luisa Garcia-Amaya is joined once more by Floris van Zuthem - Global Content & Brand Manager for FashionUnited - and with their combined industry expertise, the two of them talked about trends, tactics, and how they see marketing and artificial intelligence in the future.

Floris and Luisa also speak about the use of appealing content in personalising shopping experiences, the ability to predict fashion trends and integrate them into fashion strategies, and how to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through predicting consumer behavior. Also, they discussed how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to target the right customers and how to create engaging content that will engage them.

There was a lot of value in Floris' insights into the changing landscape of the fashion industry. In addition to discussing fashion and technology, he also discussed how fashion and technology can be combined in a way to create new opportunities. Because of this, this episode is divided into two parts - which will be live at the end of May.

Wires Uncrossed