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Adidas opens doors of Berlin flagship

By Huw Hughes

Oct 30, 2020

Adidas has reopened the doors of its newly-renovated store on Münzstrasse in Berlin - the world's first Adidas Originals Flagship Store.

The newly-developed store concept is called The Collection and is inspired by the sportswear giant’s archive in Herzogenaurach, the German city where the brand was founded.

The new space features no gender-specific sections and has been designed with a focus on “high-quality product presentation and comprehensive storytelling”, with mobile archive shelves allowing the store to be flexibly redesigned at any time.

The store will act as a hub for exclusive and limited-edition products and will have a focus on hyperlocal relevant products and cooperations, the brand said. The space was designed with the help of local artists such as Monja Gentschow, Nadine Göpfert, Acte TM, and will feature a regular programme of workshops and talks.

The space has been designed with sustainability in mind, with features such as recycled flooring, old furniture and other upcycled elements. A permanent sustainability section will also put a spotlight on the brand’s efforts in the fight against plastic waste.

It also features a number of digital initiatives, such as product tags consumers can scan via the app to pull up more information, and a digital mirror in the changing room area that keeps customers up-to-date about all upcoming product launches.

Photo credit: Adidas