Los Angeles - Alo Yoga is finally making permanent roots. After teasing its first flagship since last summer, the activewear brand has finally confirmed a spring opening.

Originally, the yoga apparel label planned to open its flagship in January, as reported by Racked LA. However, the predicted Beverly Hills store location never opened. The 8,000 store currently presides on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills with its logo on the outside marking that the store is “coming soon.” According to the publication, the company listed a job posting for an in-house cafe for the store. The job starting position was set for early April, which indicates that the store may be ready to officially open its doors by then. However, Alo Yoga has yet to release a confirmed date.

The brand is known for offering stylish activewear including yoga pants, sport bras, cover-ups, workout clothing, accessories, and more. Prices for the apparel range from 10 to 108 dollars, depending on what type of apparel. Reflective of California culture, the clothing represents an avid lifestyle based around working out and being comfortable. The brand, which was established in 2007, currently holds about 15 employees according to their LinkedIn page.





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