Amazon lets shoppers select inventory for new NYC store

Amazon opens its latest physical store in New York City today, located in popular shopping neighborhood SoHo. The store, located on Spring Street between Crosby and Lafayette, is different from the Amazon Bookstore brick-and-mortar locations the retail chain already operates in New York, in that the SoHo shop only stocks merchandise that is rated at least 4 out of 5 stars by online customer reviews.

Called Amazon 4-star, the location is intended to be a store where customers can discover products the retailer is confident they will love. “Amazon 4-star’s selection is a direct reflection of our customers--what they’re buying and what they’re loving,” the company wrote in a press release.

Amazon shoppers can select inventory in new store

Consumers can shop the most popular categories from the digital retail space in this new store, from devices, consumer electronics, kitchen, home, books and more. In addition to carrying products rated with over 4 stars from consumer reviews, Amazon 4-star will also cary items from top sellers and items that are trending amongst its digital shoppers.

Amazon uses a specified collection of consumer interests to curate the New York City store. A collection of products entitled “Trending Around NYC” is comprised of items that New York-based customers have been shopping. There is also a collection of products most frequently added to wish lists on the digital retail site, as well as collections directly borrowed from its digital features, such as “Frequently Bought Together” and “Amazon Exclusive.” Amazon 4-star also showcases cards with customer reviews and actual customer quotes to help shoppers get an honest critique of products.

Amazon 4-star is unique in that it is consumer-driven in both its inventory selection and visual merchandising techniques. The store is open daily, starting today.

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