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H&M opens new evolving store experience in Brooklyn

By Rachel Douglass


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H&M Williamsburg store. Image: H&M

Fast fashion retailer H&M has unveiled a new store experience in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, based around the heritage of the surrounding neighbourhood.

Set to continue its tenure through January 2024, the 7,000 square foot space will feature a curated collection of the brand’s styles alongside exclusive programming and ‘brand moments’ in a space that has been designed to evolve throughout the year.

Every four to 12 weeks the brand will reveal a new “chapter” with updated fashion, visuals, experiential events and a selection of local neighbourhood partners.

H&M Williamsburg store. Image: H&M

The location will begin hosting weekly activations two times a week, with event themes centering around art, fashion and music.

Local partners will also curate new weekly offerings for events each Friday, including DJs, artists and influencers that will curate their own “chapter” for visitors.

H&M Williamsburg store. Image: H&M

The first activation, running December 1 to 30, draws inspiration from the brand’s holiday campaign, ‘Brasserie Hennes’, a concept revolving around a wintery French brasserie.

Parts of the store will remain consistent, such as a designated space for content capture and concessions for three local brands which, beginning in the new year, will provide coffee, magazines and music.

H&M has further implemented RFID technology into the space, allowing employees to view inventory and size options, customers to access mobile payment and smart mirrors in the fitting rooms.

H&M Williamsburg store. Image: H&M
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