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Inside Freitag Sweat-Yourself-Shop, Zurich

By Heidi Law



The production chain is extended to the sales front in Freitag’s store in Zurich, Switzerland, where the customer can design and make their very own personalised truck tarpaulin bag.

The conveyor system in the shop offers an overview of all available materials, where the shopper can select their personalised bag. With the assistance of the shop crew, the customer can cut and design an outer pocket with a cutter and plexiglass template, finally rounding it off with the punching machine. They can also stamp the branding into the tarpaulin with an ultrasonic welding machine. From there on, the customer can enjoy a drink in hand when the Freitag crew finish the final sewing and riveting.

This unique store is located in Grüngasse in Zurich’s district 4, which is converted into a micromanufacturing facility, where the customer can make an appointment for this unique experience.

Please note that this store is currently suspended due to the corona situation.

Photo Credits: Roland Tännler

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