Invertex, the company known for their scan-to-fit guided shopping experience for footwear, has announced today that their new FeetID Ecosystem is now available. This new technology will help combine the in-store and online shopping experience.

The new FeetID technology includes the new Launch-Pad, an in-store autonomous unit that can 3D scan a precise measure of a shopper's feet and send it directly to their mobile phone within seconds. The match engine then guides the shopper to all the shoes in the store with personalized information and product reviews.

"Giving the power of informed choice to customers to make the best decision when they are at a store creates great value" said David Bleicher, Invertex's founder and CEO. "But really, even greater customer value accrues the moment that a customer owns their virtual FeetID model and can always shop with confidence while being recognized and rewarded for their loyalty by their retailers online and in the store."

It's no secret that e-commerce is the future of fashion, if arguably not the now, but people still prefer to buy shoes in-store. Currently, only 8 percent of shoes are sold online in the U.S. Return rates are known to reach up to 40 percent.

Invertex's goal is to combine in-store, online and mobile app components into one to streamline the shoe shopping process. This looks like a welcome relief for shoe companies.





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