Kristy Caylor launches For Days

Kristy Caylor, founder of Maiyet, has announced the launch of For Days, a new direct-to-consumer membership model based on a circular economy with an environmental focus.

For Days gives customers access to 100 percent organic t-shirts made in L.A. starting at a price point of 4 dollars. If customers rip, stain, or wear out a shirt, they can swap it out for a fresh one in pre-paid, recycled packaging, and For Days will upcycle the used shirts to create new product.

For Days aims to reduce waste in the fashion industry

“Our current retail model of produce, purchase, pollute doesn't make sense, and isn't sustainable or efficient," Caylor said. "About 85 percent of clothing donations get thrown into landfills, and in t-shirts alone, the average American buys 10 and throws away six each year. It’s clear that the fashion industry is massively damaging to the planet, and I knew there had to be a better way. It’s time to shift the verbiage from consumer to user, from ownership to access, to create real progress in retail.”

Kristy Caylor launches For Days

The company, which officially launched this week, offers 12 styles for women and 9 for men, including tanks, short and long sleeve tees, and sweatshirts, each available in four to six colorways in sizes XS-XXL. Members have access to unlimited exchanges, so all they have to do is decide how many shirts they want and how often they want to exchange them. The company stresses that they don't do forced deliveries either.

Although For Days is just starting off with t-shirts, they are hoping to expand to more product categories. Currently, they offer three membership plans: 3 shirts for 12 dollars a month, 6 shirts for 24 dollars a month, or 10 shirts for 36 dollars a month. Members are incentivized to accumulate impact, rather than closet clutter, by earning impact points over time that can be exchanged for credit and eventually gifted. This personal impact score is based on each member’s water, landfill waste and energy savings, which can be accessed through their individual account.

photo: courtesy of the brand




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