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L.A. clothing stores begin to reopen for curbside pickup

By Kristopher Fraser


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As Los Angeles slowly begins to loosen its lockdown restrictions, stores have begun offering curbside pickup to customers. Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has given retail stores the go ahead to begin operating for curbside pick-up only starting Friday as part of phase 2 of L.A.'s reopening plan.

Phase two of the L.A's reopening plan says nonessential businesses including bookstores, florists, toy stores, sporting-goods shops and music shops can begin fulfilling orders for curbside pickup. Department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy's, have been open for curbside pickup, although malls still have not reopened.

As retailers begin to reopen stores, they have begun to adapt to the present normal to ensure they stay in business and bring in revenue, but still keep their customers safe. Many retailers have shifted to a more client centric approach focusing on regular customers they have already built relationships with telling them that they are now able to get curbside pickup for things they want to purchase. Social media channels are also being used to reach new and potential customers with announcement of offering curbside pickup.

On the sanitization front, customers are being asked to use hand sanitizer before they touch or feel any bags before they decide on a purchase all via curbside service. While stores in Los Angeles say their sales aren't anywhere near pre-coronavirus levels. While the unemployment rate is currently 14.7 percent, consumer confidence has waned, but those with disposable income who are happy to some level of return to normal, they are beginning to shop again.

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