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Neiman Marcus integrates visual search technology into app


Neiman Marcus integrates visual search technology into app

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

Oct 29, 2014

US department store Neiman Marcus has teamed up with Slyce, a leading mobile visual search firm, to launch a new mobile app that enables shoppers to take photographs of fashion items and instantly be provided with close matching products.

The service, named Snap Find Shop, has been integrated into the retailer’s existing app and allows users to search for handbag and footwear products with just a picture and it will offer them similar items sold by them that have similar characteristics, such as colour or material. The items will then be available to purchase from “snap to shop”.

"Today, most online shopping begins with search - either through key words or navigating filters, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words," said Wanda Gierhart, CMO, Neiman Marcus Group. "Visual search removes hurdles, taking you directly from inspiration to gratification. In essence, Snap. Find. Shop. is a revolutionary way to service our customers at any time and any place."

Mark Elfenbein, president & CEO at Slyce added: "Slyce has often been described in the media as the 'Shazam for Stuff' and this integration with Neiman Marcus offers users that highly-intuitive, one-click, snap-to-result experience for luxury fashion. With this partnership, the Slyce platform is able to flex its muscles and deliver on the promise of visual search - in the curated fashion landscape."

The US retailer is testing the technology across its success handbag and footwear categories and if successful it has said that additional fashion categories will be “consider” in the future.

The Neiman Marcus app is available for US shoppers to download from the iTunes app store.