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NSF celebrates 10 years with archive collection and holiday pop-up

By Dale Arden Chong

Dec 13, 2019

As the decade of the 2010s nears its end, Los Angeles-based women’s fashion brand NSF is bringing an archive of iconic pieces from the past ten years.

By bringing back pieces from its previous women’s collections, NSF—which is known for its casual, luxury-made pieces—looks back into various eras from the brand—including selections from its former men’s collection, which is no longer produced. Other examples include items from its first women’s collection like a bleach buffalo check shirt and indigo-patched denim pieces that were originally sold in very limited quantities. The archive collection comes directly from the closet of Jamie Haller, the brand’s creative director, as one-off pieces. Anything that isn’t sold will return to her collection.

“The Archive pieces are not just pieces leftover from our inventory, they are the actual designer reference samples—the original creations that inspired signature moments in our collections,” Haller shared in a statement. “These pieces are what we would internally call out ‘standards’ and it is from these ideal versions of our wash and style developments which we issue and model our cuts. These pieces are the most iconic NSF reference points and therefore very valuable. Certain designs will literally never be produced again once these standards are sold off.”

In celebration of its archival collection, the West Coast brand has opened up a pop-up store. According to an announcement from the brand, the retail store will be open through Dec. 31, with the option to extend. The space will be used to interact with customers on a personal, experiential way.

The retail space also includes a workshop in the back, which not only hold the archival collection but also hold experiential gatherings and activations to create engagement among the brand’s clients and community such as dyeing workshops, industry panels, and more.

The NSF pop-up store is located at 937 N. Sycamore Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90038.

Images: Eunji Paula Kim/Courtesy of NSF