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Paul Smith soft launches on Alibaba

By Kristopher Fraser



Image: Paul Smith Facebook page

Paul Smith is joining forces with Tmall, with a soft launch of a flagship on the platforms Luxury Pavilion debuting today. Paul Smith is currently targeting growth in China as their customer base there is growing.

The Paul Smith digital flagship will carry men’s and women’s ready-to-wear styles. In August, the official launch will bring in the fall 2021 styles and a wider selection of offerings. The Tmall flagship will also carry the recently launched PS Paul Smith Happy Collection, known for its distinct logo. The Happy Collection is targeted toward a younger generation of Paul Smith consumers.

Since 2017, over 200 luxury brands have partnered with Alibaba’s Tmall as China continues to be one of the biggest target markets for luxury. Paul Smith currently has two stores in China, one at SKP Beijing and another at SKP Xi’an.

Paul Smith