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Rebecca Minkoff partners with Yelp to support businesswomen

By Robyn Turk

Mar 1, 2019

Rebecca Minkoff has teamed up with Yelp to help draw attention to businesses that are owned and run by women. A new page attribute launches on Yelp’s site today, in honor of Women’s History Month, notifies users whether a business is owned by women.

In addition to designing for her own eponymous fashion label, Minkoff founded Female Founder Collective to advocate for female business owners. The businesses in the collective are already listed on Yelp in this new attribute. Any other female business owner with a Yelp page can now go onto the site and label their own company as such.

The aim of the new Yelp feature is to bring both attention and business to the entrepreneurs, and allow consumers to search directly for companies with views they want to support.

”In working with a major corporation like Yelp, we’re underlining our unified goal to close the economic divide,” Minkoff said in a statement.

Rebecca Minkoff