Japanese brand Uniqlo is bringing its casual wear and apparel to Orlando. In order to expand in a retail sense, the functional brand has started to view bigger spaces to move into. So far, the company has confirmed that it will open a new flagship in Orlando.

The new store will encompass 25,000 square feet in Orlando, Fla. The flagship will be Uniqlo’s 43rd store in the U.S. and will open next month on July 14. The store will have two levels and will offer Uniqlo’s casual clothing, its house LifeWear brand, accessories, outerwear, tops and denim. The reason the space was chosen was mostly to bring in more exposure for Uniqlo in the U.S. “I still feel the brand is unknown in the U.S.,” Hiroshi Taki, chief executive officer of the brand in the U.S.A., told WWD. “We would like to get [the Uniqlo] name out there more,” he told the publication.

Additionally, Uniqlo plans to open more large-scale locations in the U.S. As reported by WWD, the brand is going to open more locations in big cities due to how the store has performed in those areas. The company’s flagships in Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Boston have been very successful. In the future, the brand solely wants to focus on bigger flagships that will bring in profit; instead of putting effort into the small stores that may not have as high traffic or sales.





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