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Bluestar Alliance press statement regarding Scotch & Soda

By Press Club


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Scotch & Soda, the Amsterdam-based fashion brand managed by Bluestar Alliance, announces retail store reorganization and retail partnership focus, following the insolvency of S & S Europe B.V., a Scotch & Soda 3rd Party Retail Licensee in EU.

The Scotch & Soda brand was purchased by an entity formed by Bluestar Alliance in April 2023. Until now, the EU retail market was operated by S & S Europe B.V., a regional 3rd party retail licensee that was led by members of the previous retail team.

Bluestar Alliance will use this opportunity to strategically strengthen key markets and drive global growth. Since Bluestar’s acquisition of Scotch & Soda, management has spent significant time and resource on the restructuring of the global business and its partnerships. This includes the assessment of all markets, store locations and new opportunities that will prove more beneficial to the greater worldwide success of the brand now and for years to come.

The strategic considerations have included the reorganization of branded stores, with retail operations requiring a restructure of the prior organization established under the previous management team. As part of the strategy, underperforming stores with high rental costs in limited territories have closed, allowing the business to concentrate resources on locations that offer the best potential for growth and customer engagement.

We are working with all partners on ensuring a more agile and focused retail footprint, while management continues to support the wholesale business with innovative shop-in-shop concepts. The wholesale business remains unaffected, continuing its strong performance and commitment to delivering high-quality products to our partners and customers.

Despite the changes, there is a commitment to maintaining a robust presence across Europe, including the Netherlands, where Scotch & Soda will continue to thrive and serve the loyal customer base. Scotch & Soda’s ecommerce business will continue and a new retail location on Carnaby Street in London is set to open this month.

Under Bluestar Alliance leadership, and in partnership with new forthcoming operating partners, the Scotch & Soda brand has incredible momentum, with a new footprint and exciting marketing programming ahead.

Scotch & Soda is available in the U.S., UK, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, China, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, India, Israel, Portugal, Switzerland, and more.

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