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Two colombian companies that exemplify the evolution of the country’s fashion industry, arrive at MAGIC Las Vegas 2023

By Press Club


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Credits: ProColombia

Colombian fashion exports have been growing in the last few years, reaching their highest point in 2022 with 1,052 million dollars, representing the United States the 40 per cent of these exports. “This is one of the reasons why trade shows like Magic Las Vegas are important to keep showing our sourcing and apparel offer to American buyers. Amongst our main competitive factors are our high-quality and added value products, our flexible production, vertically integrated companies, sustainable factories, and easy and quick access to the market”, said Carmen Caballero, President of ProColombia, the promotion agency of the country part of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism. Doshka , Aliada , Esabia , Synergy, Lafayette and Cincor are among the Colombian companies participating in MAGIC Las Vegas 2023.

Lafayette brings, for the first time, three divisions to the fair: fashion, sports and uniforms

This vertically integrated textile company is headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia. They rely on 2000 employees, a production facility of approximately 900.000 square feet, and currently, they are experts in high performance fabrics, uniform fabrics and fashion fabrics.

Credits: Lafayette

It was founded in 1942, started its operations with 22 handlooms. A decade later, it acquired a machine in copper rollers that was shown as the state-of-the-art technology of the time. A few years later, innovated with rectilinear knitting, and incorporated rotary stamping. Three decades later, LAFAYETTE built the Zylette yarn plant where it produces, for the first time, polyester filaments. From this moment, the company will begin to be a protagonist in the production of yarn. To celebrate its 50 years of history, it built a new plant, leaving the entire production process under one roof and shortly becoming pioneers of laser technology in Colombia. At the end of the 90’s, it committed itself to social responsibility and opened a kindergarten to benefit low-income families. In 2009, the company started making fabrics that control perspiration, are resistant to the sun and saline conditions. In 2010 and, as part of its participation in environmental responsibility, the company built a wastewater treatment plant with the capacity to recycle approximately 85 per cent of this resource.

In 2017 Lafayette uses all its capacity for innovation, textile know-how and state-of-the-art technology to continue expanding its portfolio of sustainable textiles made with threads recycled from bottles. In 2019, it partnered with Westex, to provide state-of-the-art flame-retardant fabrics worldwide. In this year as well, The Lafayette Foundation was born, a non-profit entity that works on projects that contribute to the quality and improvement of life of vulnerable populations.

In 2021, it received the seals GRS(Global Recycled Standard) and the RCS (Recycled Claim Standard), and in 2022 the LAFAYETTE ventured into the production of renewable energy, through 2,700 panels with a goal of generating energy of 5 per cent of the total consumption of the factory, having the second largest solar roof in Colombia, and the first in the textile industry.

Currently, the company is looking to erase the use of water in the printing process, meeting the requirements of the Oekotex standard label. LAFAYETTE arrives at MAGIC Las Vegas at Booth 60504 with 81 years of overall experience, over 15 years of experience exporting, plus a great record working for big companies such as Patagonia, Cintas and Ico Uniforms.

According to David López Sánchez, National & International Marketing Head of the company: "Our design team has created a report forecasting color, silhouette, and product trends for the sportswear category in 2024. We will bring to MAGIC the latest color palette and our most recent fabrics launched for leggings with all the technology the industry requires. We will also bring some new fabrics for uniforms made from recycled polyester chips from PET bottles, and a new inspiration catalogue for the hospitality segment. Finally, we will also introduce new fabrics made of 100 per cent natural fibers such as viscose and rayon, along with a new color palette for the beachwear category".

CINCOR: 40 years of experience producing high-quality leather goods

The company Cincor Marroquinera was born in Bogota 1990 as a small family business. In 1993, with only 5 employees, it produced the first leather goods. Back in 1997, it expanded its production to the whole country, in 2002, it produced leather goods for major brands, and in 2004, they began their participation in international fairs. In 2006, the company expanded its sales internationally, in 2012 started and automated process and machinery with state-of-the-art-technology. In 2017 it expanded its line of products and machinery and in 2019, the company increased its focus on the sustainability of its products and reinforced its social purpose. CINCOR also prides itself in working for the Sustainable Development Goals: no poverty, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, responsible consumption and production and climate action.

Credits: Cincor

After more than four decades of constant growth and innovation, CINCOR has the privilege to say that they already work with big players in the United States such as Baseballism, Disney and Ascot. The company arrives this year at MAGIC at Booth 60602 with a clear goal: to be the most reliable leading company in the development and production of leather articles in the national market and achieving a participation in the international market of 40%, by 2026. How? According to CINCOR “By participating in international shows that allow us to meet different companies and people that want to work with us;  doing international market search in different platforms, visiting old and new clients in the international market and by working with private and public entities that support our business internationalization”.

As for the other Colombian companies participating this year at Magic Las Vegas, Aliada (Booth 60515) has the lowest and most flexible MOQ’s in the market; Esabia (Booth 60516) supports independent designers and preserves craftsmanship in providing high end fashion development and production services; Doshka (Booth 60616) specializes in providing customized options and small volumes to cater to different preferences; and Synergy (Booth 60404) is a vertically integrated company with great diversity on fabrics and fibers; graphic ashion design, cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing and distribution. Also, ProColombia will have its own booth 60615.