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Aelia Anna - Endless Summer, the original Pestemal beach towel

By Press Club

Sep 20, 2021


Aelia Anna towels are inspired from the Greek islands designed by Anna. 100% cotton. Your best friend at the beach, easy to carry and used everywhere. Multiple uses. Super absorbent, fast drying.

If you’re going on a holiday we definitely recommend you pack your Aelia Anna towels which are a perfect travel companion for so many reasons. They become your best friend from the moment you leave the house. Aelia Anna towels roll up compact and fit nicely in your carry on luggage. You can use your towel as a pillow or blanket on route to your destination. Our towels are made from the best cotton so it does a great job at keeping you super warm in freezing air conditioning.

When you arrive at your travel destination Aelia Anna towel comes in handy for all those beach trips or dips in the pool. The best part is, because they are so thin and absorbent they dry quickly in the sun in between swims. Such a relief that you never get stuck with having to dry yourself with a damp wet towel.

We want to bring summer alive in our designs, so have named each one after a Greek island, where each design reflects something of the character of the island it has been named after. Visit the islands for yourself and see how exclusive hotels, beach bars, restaurants and shops have enhanced their image by having us embroider their name and logo into our Pestemal towels.

It’s pure cotton base allows us to weave elegant designs into them with a Mediterranean touch. From traditional and conservative, to stand out modern we have created a whole range of designs for various uses. Our designs often combine patterns such as the Wave and Meandros styles with other natural themes and ideas.

Read more about Aelia Anna on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/aelia-anna