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An Elegant Fusion of Art and Fashion: Behind the Scenes With The Brand Karine Augis

By Press Club


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Credits: Karine Augis

Karine very ably combines design and functionality, boldly reconciling the fields of graphic design and the codes of leather goods. Inspired by her paintings and illustrations, Karine uses her creativity to bring her accessories to life, taking us into her world at the crossroads of art, decoration and design.

Credits: Karine Augis

Karine's inspiration is rooted in the decorative arts, an artistic movement that took off at the end of the 19th century. She draws her inspiration from floral motifs and geometric shapes. Drawing on the rich details of this movement, Karine creates timeless collections that transcend ephemeral trends. Bold, contemporary designs blend harmoniously with the artisanal heritage of leather goods, creating elegant, singular pieces.

For Karine, aesthetics is never sacrificed for functionality. Each line, each motif is meticulously studied to ensure that it harmonizes perfectly with the structure and practicality of the accessory. In this way, each creation becomes a functional creative piece, ready to be used in everyday life.

Credits: Karine Augis

By combining harmonious visual aesthetics with a deep understanding of functionality, Karine offers new perspectives on the world of leather goods. Each piece becomes an artistic statement, a way for the designer to communicate her passion for combining creativity with the practical demands of everyday life.

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Karine Augis